Rooted in poetry, my words have emerged and flourished in fiction. My work is populated with women brushing up against the edges--of society, relationship, sexuality, and self. My current project is a novel where the characters must confront their relationships to silence and trauma. The novel pushes into unspoken narratives, fragments, myth, Shakespeare, and magic. I am here to serve as creative witness to the imagined and the dead. 

Selected Publications

Modern Creative Life

Divining Motherhood, Little Red Tarot

Mothering Left to Write, Literary Mama Magazine

What the Body Knows, Amulet Magazine

The Apple Valley Review

Poetry Ireland Review

Evolution, All Things Girl Magazine

Creation Stories, Mothering Magazine

The Lament of the Bearded Lady, Flashquake Magazine

I Am Enough, The I Am Enough Collaborative

The Sea Woman, All Things Girl Magazine

SageWoman Magazine