Writing the Body


Writing the Body  is a class designed to connect writers to their stories, their histories, and their bodies.  Throughout the session (in a friendly, supportive, small-group setting) we will explore our relationship to memory, body image and identity, standards of beauty, self-expression and silence, nurturing, sexuality, gender dynamics, love, personal journeys, and future dreams and aspirations.  Writing the Body is for everyone from professional, published writers to "non-writers" with stories to tell and an impulse to re-connect to their creativity and themselves. 

Upcoming Sessions: The next regular, local session of Writing the Body will be held at the Wilmington Writers Conference at the Delaware Art Museum on Saturday, July 21, 2018. UPDATE: This session is currently SOLD OUT


Participant Feedback

"Writing the Body is an exquisite writing journey, catered to women of all writing experience levels. From the novice to the experienced writer, Writing the Body offers a supportive and open medium that will captivate any woman with a willingness and/or curiosity to explore the magnificent terrain of her body through writing."

~C. Morrissey, Writing the Body Participant, Sessions One, Two, & Three~

"I was nervous to take the "Writing the Body" class since I am not a writer, however, I have so much respect for the instructor and her writing that I took a chance!  It provided a safe environment to write through some really hard things. The class helped me so much with the support of the amazing women and my life is permanently changed.  I continue to write often and can't wait for the next class.  I'm forever grateful for this instructor's supportive teaching." 

~Laura S, Writing the Body Participant, Sessions One, Two, & Three~

"I have been a serious writer for decades.  After I took Writing the Body for two sessions I found myself reaching depths I had been avoiding for years.  It seems I have a memoir to write.  Writing the Body provided a gently guided way into it, with incisive prompts and provocative recommended reading."

~Lisa L., Writing the Body Participant, Sessions One, Two, & Three~