Creative Community

This page provides a list of resources for writers, creative writing workshops I am teaching, and other opportunities. Please see the blog for things I am reading, random musings, and a freeform collection of current inspirations. 


Maybe you need a residency?   

Millay Colony 2017

Go wherever you can to write. The Millay Colony was a beautiful, nurturing creative environment for me, though I was only there for a short workshop. I have also done the "DIY" residency, where I've booked a room for a solo long weekend/week to immerse myself in my creative work. Other options: Trade homes with a friend for free? House/pet-sit?

See resources at Poets & Writers for low/no cost residencies to apply to.   


Maybe you need community?

For several years, I've attended (near) monthly meetings with two other writers in my community to workshop our novels, provide support, and get insights and friendship in difficult moments. Do you know any other writers in your area? If not, begin searching for Meetups or see local calendars, like this one, for literary events. Local libraries are also great resources for this.