Daily Dose #2: Tarot as Medicine: Queen of Pentacles

Tonight, under this strong Virgo Full Moon, I'll be thankful for the Queen of Pentacles, my daily dose. She reminds me to build my own security. To focus on home and things that make me feel taken care of and loved. The Queen of Pentacles has built a life for herself. She is the Earth Goddess, the home-provider, the woman who is secure. Some things have been thrown at me lately that are testing my abilities to stand on my own and trust that I am not others' negative perceptions of me. I am solid/steady and I am allowed to express my thoughts.

So often, women give the reins to everyone else. "I will let my kids lead me." "I will do what my partner wants." "If so & so says this about me, then it must be true." "When this person likes & accepts me, then I'll be worth something." "When I get noticed at work." "When I lose 40lbs." "When I earn X per year." The Queen of Pentacles serves as a reminder that we can all celebrate ourselves, in our imperfect, flawed radiance--right now. We make our own security when we take care of ourselves. Go home, wherever home is for you. Think about all of the ways you support yourself & nurture yourself. Appreciate all that you do to bring love & beauty into your life. You deserve to celebrate your own potential. You are a Queen. Never forget it.